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Custom Amount URL FAQs

What are Custom Amount URLs?
Our new Custom Amount URL feature allows petition starters to create a custom URL for their petition, making it easier to remember and for sharing in general.

How do I create a custom URL for my petition?
If Custom Amount URLs are enabled in your country (for more on this, see below), please log into your account and navigate to your petition’s dashboard. In the “Share your petition” section, you’ll now see a new link to “Edit your link” Select that and follow the instructions.

Which countries is this feature enabled in?
Our goal is to enable this feature to all users in all countries worldwide. At launch, this feature will only be available to some users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Can I create any URL I want?
No. URLs are restricted to at least 10 characters up to a maximum of 100 characters. You can use letters, numbers, dashes or underscores but no other special characters. You can also use capital letters to make your URL easier to read!

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Please note that our Community Guidelines apply to Custom Amount URLs and as such, we ask that you refrain from using any abusive or inappropriate language when creating a Custom Amount URL. Campoal reserves the right to remove any Custom Amount URL found to be violating these rules without notice or compensation.

Can I modify my Custom Amount URL after it has been created?
No. Once your URL is created, it cannot be modified. If you made a mistake and need to change this, please contact our Help Desk who can assist you with removing the URL, allowing you to try again.

How do I delete my Custom Amount URL after it has been created?
Please contact our Help Desk for assistance with this.

How long will it take for my Custom Amount URL to become active?
After creating your Custom Amount URL, it should immediately begin working. If it does not, please contact our Help Desk for more assistance.

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Custom Amount URL FAQs