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How to post and delete comments

While signing a petition, you have the option to leave a public comment or “Reason for signing” to express why you decided to support the campaign. Comments can also be added in the “News & Discussion” page after you have already registered your signature on the petition.

To post a comment while signing, please follow the steps below:
Log into your Campoal account.
Locate the petition you want to sign.
On the right side you will see an empty box below your name that says “I’m signing because… (optional).” This is where you can leave your comment.
Once you have finished, just press the “Sign this petition” button. That’s it!
User-added image

Please note, by default your “Reason for signing” and signature will be posted publicly. If you do not want them to be public, please deselect the option to “Display my name and comment on this petition”. This will be located directly under the comment box.

To post a comment after you have already signed, please follow the steps below:
Log into your Campoal account.
Click on your name or display picture, located at the top-right side of the page.
Select “Profile” from the drop-down menu.
Locate the petition you would like to comment on in the ‘Signed’ section and click on it.
Click on the “Petition details” menu located at the top-right corner and select the “News & discussion” option.
Under “Join the conversation”, you will see the option to add your comments.
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Please note, other supporters of the campaign will be able to view the comment you post in the News & discussion page.

Can I edit my comment after it is posted?

While we do not currently offer a way for you to edit comments, you are free to delete your comment and post a new one with your corrections.

How to delete comments

To delete a comment you have posted in the past, please follow the steps below:
Log into your Campoal account.
Visit your “Profile” and click the petition you left your comment on.
Locate your comment on the ‘Reasons for signing’ page, ‘News & discussion’ page, or a petition update.
Click the trash can icon on the right side of your comment.
Confirm you would like to delete the comment.

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How to post and delete comments