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Help Trans Doreen escape transphobic hate and start a new life of peace

Hi,i like to go by the name doreen which i changed it myself since am transgender,When i was a teenage kid i was chased away from my home for being ...

Hi,i like to go by the name doreen which i changed it myself since am transgender,When i was a teenage kid i was chased away from my home for being gay,i was called all sorts of names, i was taken to a pastor to be exorcised and my father used to beat me every single day for being gay, he even labelled me the devil. It has been a painful childhood for me and this led me to want to fight for our equal rights in the society

I am a trans rights activist here in kakuma camp,I fight and lead the equal rights for lgbtq+ community here in kakuma. It has not been an easy task as our rights are abused each and every single day. I have lost friends and painfuly lost my lover and best friend too to petrol bomb attack which has really affected my mental health, I have suffered injuries from physical to mental scars,the death of my best friend my lover and my world has had a devastating effect,imagine your better half being set on fire,that is what happened in april last year 2021,me and others were lucky to escape with injuries but my better half wasnt because he/him passed a few days later while undergoing some treatment

Having even a meal a day has become a problem,everyday comes with its struggles,getting medical care is a nightmare as we are discriminated even in public hospitals,i am completely tired of this place,

I am appealing for support,for me personally i would like to get so far away from here so please help support me move away from this hell on earth place,i would love to start a new life,a life devoid of pain and fear,a life full of happiness and strength,i know it wunt be easy because the loss of my better half has been so devastating,my mental health has been so affected,i am always in a panic mode,stressed and it has been so heavy on me,i dont want to die here,here where am not loved,here where am hated,here where my life means nothing,i would like to live,to live in a place of peace,to live in a place where am not judged for who i am or how i choose to love,

I would also love you to help support my friends or lgbtq+ community here for food,medical funds and other basic needs that is so scarce here,so some of the funds will also go towards that,

Please help support me get away from this place,to begin life afresh,full of good memories from the past and full of strength to overcome all the terrible things from the past,

I know our love would have lasted forever but they cut yours short my love but am always with you in spirit,i will never forget you and i have no doubt that one day we shall be together and that will be the happiest day of my afterlife

Please am asking for your help to Help me begin afresh,

Support will mean so much

October 2, 2022

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Dennis Maingi
Dennis Maingi
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