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Easy Changa allows people just like you to raise money for events ranging from business start-ups, non-profits, funerals, political campaigns, or life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents or illnesses. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started on

Step by step guide

1. Campaign Title

Write your fundraiser title, select the appropriate category, your location and set a financial goal for your fundraiser

2. Contribution Levels & Perks

  1. Set donation levels for incentives e.g. Amount = Ksh.1,000, Level title = A Thousand bob, Description = “Click to donate Ksh.1,000 towards this cause” or “For Ksh.1,000 donation, you get free entry into our event”. Set as many levels as you wish.
  2. Set minimum donation amount for your fundraiser. By default, the minimum amount is automatically set to Ksh.1.

3. Write Your Story

Write a good compelling pitch that will resonate well with your potential donors. After writing your story, set an automated message to send to your donors after your fundraising goal has been achieved.


4. Upload / Embed Cover Cover Photo or Video

Upload a cover photo or video that will be displayed as the thumbnail of your fundraiser. This will also be the main image/video of your fundraiser.

Click the ‘Finish’ button afterwards and your fundraiser will be submitted for moderation. Once approved, you can embed your fundraiser externally, share it via email or social media to get the word out and attract donors.



That’s It!!! Ready to start fundraising?