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🇰🇪 The Dark Serenity Style – For you and me…

Dark Serenity isn’t about generating and propagating cheesy quotes and pictograms online… Dark Serenity goal is much deeper than that (but the quotes get to stay!!)

Very many people put up with incredible levels of relational toxicity (eg at home, work, school, campus, church… ) They hold on because they DON’T know that they have the right to say NO to the toxicity.

Calling out bullies…

Calling out bullies is a risky venture. There is always the risk of being lashed at by the public.

Dark Serenity is more than just providing information to empower us from within (although it’s just one of the foundation pieces).

Dark Serenity takes you to the heart of the situation dynamics. This is for you to understand how manipulative toxic situations are, and how it will affect you negatively.

Knowledge demystifies the experience for you, which gives you the power to make empowered decisions.

Toxic Positivity

Dark Serenity also challenges the awful pandemic of “Toxic positivity”.

Toxic positivity is that lame Polly-Anna type of outlook for life.

Many evils exist simply because the “good” people chose to stay silent and “mind their own business”; vainly wishing that the situation fixes itself. It’s the main reason toxic people get away with abusive behaviours.

Standing up for others is also very risky, but there is immense personal joy from fostering safety in another person’s life. This joy outshines the fear and cowardice.

A Victim’s Burden

Dark Serenity seeks to transfer the psychological burdens away from the victims.

Many people blame themselves when a bully attacks them – they take responsibility on behalf of the bully, and this mentally wears them down. They accept the blame of being cheated on, blackmailed, lied to and even sexually assaulted!!

Our goal is to spread the freedom of knowing that, when someone does something against you, it’s NOT your fault (especially for people who grew up in unhealthy, hostile homes).

We can’t control what people do – we can only inspire, influence or manipulate.

My Brother’s Keeper

Dark Serenity also hopes to create a fraternity of observers and on-lookers who actually give a damn. These are people who feel empowered enough to stand up for their loved ones.

Your Responsibility

It’s not your job to make people treat you better.

Do you – when you treat YOU better, everyone around you treats you better.

Dark Serenity exists to spread information that promotes FREEDOMGROWTH and JOY, while making sure we all feel SEEN, HEARD and LOVED!

🔸Your support facilitates investment in equipment and technical services that make all this possible..

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