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His page is Derrick Mbugua .


He’s a former kadere who was mobilizing strikes and such. Then he is switched to bodas.

He is based in Wendani where he unsuccessfully ran in the MCA by-elections.

Sometimes early June 2021 he had an altercation with Kahawa Wendani Police where he was badly beaten and left for the dead. We all saw the posts:




A few weeks later they made up, shook hands with the cops and even managed a photo-op:


Behind the smiles, Dennis was paid KShs. 30,000 compensation by the cops. I heard it took IPOA intervention to get justice. Yes, Dennis was out past curfew, but why the beating that nearly crippled him?


Moving on, on September 25,2021 Dennis rushed to an altercation between a boda and a motorist still in Wendani. The motorist claimed his ride had been scraped by the boda and he demanded KShs. 10,000 as compensation.


Dennis, always eager for stories, attempted to record.the altercation.


Bad move.


The motorist grabbed his phone and smashed it claiming to be a police. Dennis demanded identification as he was in civilian wear. The man proceeded to slap Dennis so hard that he fell to the ground. If you know Dennis then you know he’s a tiny man, barely five feet and I’d guess weighing.nothing more than 50Kgs. Fighting was not an option,.and in fact everyone who knows him will tell you he’s never ever picked or gotten into a fight. He fled and went to report to Wendani Police Station.


Immediately he entered the station he was thrown into the cells.


He was, it was alleged a robbery suspect.


The motorist was/is a cop attached to the same station.

Charges were that he robbed the man/motorist of KShs. 750/-.

Peter Ngare is a cop.

The charge sheet witnesses are ALL Wendani cops.

Yaani Dennis the tiny boy robbed three Wendani cops total sum of KShs. 750/-

Let that sink.

Ever since he has been incarcerated at Industrial Area Remand.

He was slapped with a KShs. 500,000/- cash bail, which was slightly reduced to KShs. 300,000/-

Unable raise the cash, he just clocked his second month behind bars, and if nothing changes, he will remain there until either the case is concluded or dismissed. Of found guilty he will spend years in jail.

Derrick can’t even afford legal representation. His friends sought for him one from Kituo Cha Sheria-Legal Advice Centre .

Derrick’s wife is heavily expectant, and without an income. She is relying on well wishers.


I just don’t see how the same gang that beat him to pulp in June were robbed KShs. 750/- a few weeks later.


The Wendani cops are just vindictive and they jumped at this incident to strike back.


Personally, I don’t like Dennis. He was full of cheap gossip and he thrived in recycling sensational social media content on his page for the likes and follows. But what happened to him is wrong on so many levels.


The other day IG Mutyambai tweeted it was perfectly in order for raia to record police at work.


Smartphones have really shifted police-citizen power dynamics. Videos and images are powerful tool.

I doubt George Floyd would have gotten justice if the witness never recorded the entire 8:46 minutes kneeling. Police know that and that’s why they almost always angrily react to recording. They don’t want proof of their crimes and excessive use of force out there. They don’t want accountability. They want to get away with crimes, and recording is challenging that. They want to retain monopoly of violence and the narrative at the same time.

What to do?

Getting Dennis out is of utmost importance, injustice apart.

For one, there’s no better time to show solidarity with a comrade than now.

We have 26,000 members.

If only 1000 of these raised 100 each we would raise 100K, or a third of the bail.

How do we do it?

I can’t think of a better person than Bernard Kariuki Karanja . He was Dennis rival in the by-elections, and you can see him pictured together with Dennis back in June when they visited Wendani Police Station to reconcile with the cops. He resides in Wendani, and his number is 0721706755. Call him, find out anything you need regarding Dennis.


Let’s do this


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