Let’s Help the Elderly (senior citizens) &the Underprivileged people.

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My name is Anthony and I am a certified public accountant of Kenya with a great passion to help and care for the old and underprivileged people in my community and at large. I am also a seasoned farmer where I dedicate most of the proceeds to this worthy cause. I and my few partners have been farming for close to 3 years now. We specialize in 3 categories of animals viz high grade cattles, pigs and A Class rabbits.

We also have a vast number of seed nurseries where We sow an assorted types of seeds which include cabbages,  spinach, kales, capsicum, pumpkins seeds and many more.


All The Above Projects Are Geared to Help the Following Category of People in My Community;

* The Elderly People – This by Providing Them with some Basic Needs like Firewood,Water and Water Storage Facilities, Basic Medical Care Needs, Clothing Etc.

* The Youth – by Providing Them Avenues to Earn Daily Bread and Something to Do in Order to Reduce Crime and Substance Abuse.

* Community at Large – This Is Through the Ripple Effects from the Projects I.e. Food from the Projects, Rotating Funds from the Projects, Donating Seedlings to Ensure Food Security Etc

Wehave already set up the project in a small way from my savings in my small land in Nyeri county in kenya. I would like to expand and help more youth, underprivileged peoples and the elderly people in my community and ensure a sustainable project.

We have a limit to achieve my noble goal in that i don’t have enough space / land and vital tools. I am looking forward to buying or leasing a land where I can do professional farming using the latest technology like greenhouses, hydroponic farming, Artificial insemination etc.

With this in hand, we will be able to increase our income and also better our services to our target population (the elderly and the underprivileged) with certainty in continuity to do the same.


All this will cost me around kshs 1,000,000 to buy a small piece of land, tools and to set up the Administration bit of it. The itemized costs will be as follows;

** land – kshs 850,000

** tools – kshs 100,000

** simple Administration office – kshs 50,000

the Administration Office is for ensuring efficiency in the farm and for making sure that the elderly people records and supplies are well kept to avoid some issues falling through the cracks.


KSh 5.00 - KSh 2,999.00

Assorted tree Seedlings from our nursery beds. Both for beautification and timber use.

September, 2021

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KSh 3,000.00 or more

Assorted high quality rabbits for meat or for keeping as pets.

August, 2021

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